Grunge | Alternative Rock

2017 saw a creative departure from the electronica sphere. Seeking new influences from guitar/drum duos and a modern grunge sound, Fullr is a more narratively aggressive project discussing modern social issues within male LGBT culture. "Kerosene" is the debut 11 track LP.

Sovereign Cell

Electronic | Ambient | Industrial


In 2011 Stokeley became a pseudonym to release YouTube remixes by combining guitar-oriented singer songwriter cues and a passionate production of the ambient dubstep aesthetic. The alias saw four releases over the next five years ending in the debut LP "Sovereign Cell", documenting a turbulent relocation and its subsequent effects on personal relationships.

Future Garage | Electronica | Folk

Belgrave is the Swansea/London Electronica collective comprising of friends and collaborators Ed Bayes, Elliot Nicklin and Simon Parton. They compose and produce their music remotely from one another using internet found sounds and synchronise their project files over the air. Belgrave brought on board london-based lyricist-producer and graphic designer Abel Gray for single "Curb Code".


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