Welcome. I'm a London-based recording artist and composer/producer of music for screen. Firstly, I'm a lover of film; storytelling and emotion are at the centre of what I do. I work in different styles and formats, creating unique music from a very broad range of influences. 


Here, you can stay up to date with my latest projects and hear some of my previous work.

Previous works featuring in

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Latest Work

'Artist Claudette Johnson – 'Giving Space to the Presence of a Black Woman''



TATE [2021]

Artist Claudette Johnson uses painting and drawing as a means to explore representations of Black women (and sometimes men). Here she talks about how her personal experience of being a Black woman and an Artist has shaped her work. Johnson's subjects are people she knows well, often drawn from life; a process which allows her to project the presence of the person she is drawing. Each large-scale artwork boasts a rich colour palette. Completed at the time of filming is her most vibrant yet, 'Kind of Blue', which features throughout the film.








I'm a London-based composer and producer working predominantly with moving image. I compose for short film and features, TV, video games, theatre, advertising, web content and corporate. As well as producing and engineering this content, I provide music consultancy, audio repair and mixing & mastering services. 

I have over 10 years of audio experience and earned my Bachelors in Popular Music production in 2014, where through my fondness of film I began writing to picture. In 2020 I received my masters degree in composition for Film & TV (MMus Composition) from the London College of Music.


Through my education and career I've developed a vibrant and experimental portfolio from a wide pool of influence. My contemporary music aliases and music for picture push genre boundaries with originality and authenticity.



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